Novice Elf Units

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Novice Elf Units

Post by Phillybear on Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:46 am

Again: Name, ready time(/ready time of higher tier), attack, health(, special)

First the units that are the same for elves and humans:
Aanden Ranger = Estian Trapper 6/4 1,2 Trap
-These guys usually die after a single hit, so don't expect them to stay on the field for long. They also have a low attack, so they won't do much damage. They do hae Trap, the only thing that makes you want to use them: 75% to immobilize an enemy. It makes them and other cards stay alive longer because your enemy can't attack you.
Silvintri Defender = Estian Footman 2 1,5
-Pretty basic unit, low attack, more health than the average Novice card. Because they have a low wait time, they can do a bit damage to your opponents' morale and keep your morale full until you can get some slower and stronger cards out
Shadow Panther = Estian Wardog 6 4,1
-They're designed for fast damage, but they won't live long: 1 health means any damage will kill them. But if your enemy can't kill them, they'll deal a load of damage. When using these cards you'll have to watch out for blast: it takes them all down in 1 attack.
Silvintri Warrior = Estian Warrior 4 2,3
-Another basic unit, balanced attack and health. It won't survive as long as the Silvintri Defender/Estian Footman, but will deal more damage. I would prefer these over the Silvintri Defender/Estian Footman, because more damage usually turns out to be better.
Aanden Spearman = Aanglor Pikeman 4 1,4 Pikeman
-Pretty useless card. Silvintri Defender/Estian Footman is better for taking the early damage because it has more health and less ready, Silvintri Warrior/Estian Warrior is better in dealing damage. The Pikeman ability won't do much good: there is more cavalry after Mercenary came out, but not enough to make you want to use Pikeman

Elf cards:
Aanden Herbalist 4 1,3 Heal 1
-They come out fast, but they will die fast as well. Heal 1 is also only good for the starting damage, after a few rounds it will not be enough. If you want healing, use Estian Cleric or Light Priestess Enyi.
Aanden Moon Druid 8/6 1,4 Poison 2 Regenerate 1
-His Regenerate will keep him alive longer than other units and Poison 2 allows him to do 3 damage in 2 turns. These two specials make it a good card, but don't use it much against humans: a lot of Humans have Block 1, so it will not do damage to them and Poison will not be triggered.
Aanden Silverback 8/6 3,3
-Nice damage, health is a bit on the low side. It won't hurt you to have a few of these in your squads.
Aanden Venombow 6/4 1,4 Archery Poison 2
-Because it's an archer, it can hit most humans with Block 1 as well, so he'll do his 3/4 damage each turn most of the time (unless you hit an Aanglor Knight)
Aanden Warden 4/2 1,5 Regenerate 1
-Also a good card for early tanking. On tier 5 it is certainly better than Silvintri Defender/Estian Footman because of Regenerate 1, so it can take more damage before dieing
Aanden Wolverine 6/4 1,4 Frenzy 1
-Low base damage, but that will increase thanks to Frenzy. It might be chanceless if it comes out against a Block 1 card: it will not do damage so Frenzy won't increase attack
Dangerous Path 4 0,2 Retaliate 1 Trap
-Will die fast when attacked. I prefer Aanden Ranger/Estian Trapper over this card, because they have an attack: the goal of the card is to immobilize the enemy, so Retaliate can only do damage when your trap didn't do it's job
Forest Crawler 2 1,3 Poison 2
-Good for early fighting: it can deal 3 damage and only has 2 ready! It won't survive much damage though and has no chance against Block units. It's not as good later in the game, so don't use too much of these
Silvintri Archer 2 1,4 Archery
- 2 ready and the possibility of doing 2 damage make this a nice card, both for the start of a fight as for later on. Better than the Aanden Spearman/Aanglor Pikeman because of lower ready and because there are more infantry units than cavalry units in most squads.
Silvintri Boltmage 4/2 0,3 Chain zap 1
-Low life, no attack. Chain zap 1 can do some damage, but isn't really convincing. It's better to wait a few more turns and go for Silvintri Mage.
Silvintri Mage 8/6 0,3 Blast 1
-Will hit all opponents so it can do loads of damage in a single turn. It will also die pretty fast
Silvintri Marksman 8/6 2,4 Archery
-Best archer in Novice: 2 attack + Archery means it kills all Novice mages/healers in 1 hit.


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