Novice Heroes reviewed

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Novice Heroes reviewed

Post by Phillybear on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:30 am

Novice units will get their own thread, as it would take up too much space if I placed them in here as well

Ok, I'll bring every card up in the same way: Name, ready time(/ready time of higher tier), attack, health(, special)
I'll start with the heroes you get when starting.
For the elves:
Light Priestess Enyi 12/10 2,5 Heal 2
- The biggest upside of this card is her special: Heal 2. She is the best healer you'll find in Novice: she heals more than Aanden Herbalist and can survive longer + do more damage than Estian Cleric
- Downside: She has the longest waiting time of all Novice cards, which might be a problem in your early battles with 1/2 squads
For the humans:
Lord General Pozak 10/8 3,8
- Possibly the best human hero in Novice. He has a high attack and high health, so he can send many cards to the graveyard before he dies.
Now the rest of the heroes:
Blademaster Wilaren 8/6 3,5 retaliate 1
- This hero also has a nice attack and because of his special, he is capable of doing 4 damage each 2 turns (while Pozak will only do 3). He has less health as Pozak, so he will most likely eliminate less cards before dieing
Firestarter Arfalas 10/8 1,5 Blast 1
- Because of his special, this hero can do most damage of all Novice heroes in his turn. He hits all cards of the enemy so he can really turn the tide in your favor
Grovekeeper Dyrbral 6/4 2,4 Regenerate 2
- As long as he doesn't get hit by specials, this card is pretty good for tanking damage: most Novice cards don't do more than 2 damage. As soon as specials start hitting him he'll die fast, because he doesn't have much life
Landen Hawkeye 8/6 3,4 Archery
- Because his special doubles his damage against Infantry, not a single Novice Infantry unit can survive an attack of Landen. He also has low health and no way to recover it, so he will die fast if he's not supported by healers
Nalinai Poisonblade 8/6 2,5 Poison 2
- Unlike some other elven cards, Nalinai can poison every unit in Novice, including those with Block 1. Poison 2 is especially useful against units with Regenerate and Block: It deals damage after Regenerate, so the unit has less life in your next turn and its power does not get affected by Block.

Adamans Firehand 10/8 2,8 Retaliate 1
- He is a bit like Wilaren, but with more wait, less attack and more health. They'll do almost the same amount of damage during a fight, but because he has more health, he'll stay around longer (especially with healer support).
Darius The Cur 10/8 2,5 Trap
- With a 75% chance to immobilize an enemy card each turn, this hero will annoy the *beep* out of your enemy. He will however die pretty fast if you have a bit of bad luck. According to some he's not worth his waiting time, because it's the same as Pozak has and Pozak can deal and tank more damage
Knightcaptain Alric 8/6 3,6 Trample
- Deals double damage to archers, so he kills all Novice archers in 1 hit, but that is not special: Aanglor Knight can do that as well. His 3 attack is nice, but 6 health might not be enough. Waiting a bit longer for Pozak seems a better choice than going for Alric, especially when you don't have much healers.
Sicilis Stonefist 8/6 2,7 Block 1
- His Block 1 allows him to negate a lot of damage: many Novice cards will not be able to hurt him at all. This makes Sicilis a pretty useful hero, especially because he has 7 health
Zarin Boltcaller 10/8 1,6 Zap 2
- With his Zap he can still attack enemy cards without having one in front of him. This way you will take his cards down faster, so they can do you less damage. He might give you some frustration though: Zap is a random attack and will not always hit the best targets/the target you want it to hit


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