Healing: units, spells or artifacts

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Healing: units, spells or artifacts

Post by Phillybear on Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:11 pm

How does healing work?
- Healing gives a set amount of life back to the unit with the most health missing (not just the one with least health)

What is the best way to provide your deck with healing?
1) Artifacts
The maximum amount of healing artifacts you can have in your deck atm is 3 (Cask Of Celebration T4+T7 and Diadem Of Light T4)
These artifacts are better than a normal healer, as long as they don't end up on a weak unit: those have less health to lose, so they will target other units faster, causing themselves to die. The artifacts are also faster than most units with heal 2.
Upsides: Cask gives the equipping unit more health, so it can survive longer. Diadem has a double healing. Both are pretty fast.
Downsides: The artifacts are always on the first units, so they will be the first to be attacked. Weak units will die fast and your artifact will be lost.
2) Spells
Spells only have 'Heal all', so they won't target specific units. I wouldn't take spells as healing source, because they only happen once (apart from Touch Of Life, which is animated). Units and artifacts remain in play and use their healing every round. Touch Of Life will only use its healing every now and then. So I suggest you take units/artifacts over spells.
3) Units
First of all, don't use units with only Heal 1. It's not enough to keep your units alive, so the place where you put your Heal 1 unit is a wasted spot. Healers aren't damage dealers or tanks. They're just here to make sure your units stay alive. This means that if a healer comes first in line, he most likely won't survive much longer. The solution to that is using units with Elf Ally. They can stay alive longer than an ordinary healer, but they won't heal if you have no elves in play....A healer is at its best when he's at the end of your units, so he won't be attacked and he can use his healing on another unit each round (a downside of the Faithful Healer: even when not attacked, he will need healing)

Conclusion: The best way to provide healing are artifacts mixed with a few healers.


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