How not to get hit

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How not to get hit

Post by Phillybear on Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:18 pm

Ok, you now know how to boost the attack of your cards, but this will do you no good if your cards die too fast. So, how to make sure your cards stay long enough on the field to deal some serious damage?

First of all, almost every special improves the durability of your cards (apart from pay life, lose morale and assassinate all). Combine them good and they will become even more effective!

- Attack is the best defense: the faster you can kill his cards, the longer your cards will live

- Immobilizing your enemy: the best way to keep your cards on the field is to make sure they take no damage at all. Trap (75%) and Icebolt (50%) can both immobilize a single enemy. By using more of these cards, you can immobilize all his cards. This does not only prevent them to damage you, it also prevents them to regenerate/heal.
If you want to do this, take more trappers than icebolt. Why?
1) Trap has a higher percentage of immobilizing.
2) Trap will never target a frozen or trapped opponent, Icebolt will.
Then why even bother taking Icebolt?
1) Most trappers die easily.
2) Icebolt does damage.
3) There are Flying units with Icebolt: the number of units that can hit them is limited.

- Removing your opponents' attack: Sap + Disease. Sap will take away 1 attack from the card it hits each turn. This means it will bring most cards to 0 attack in 2/3 turns. To make sure you can hit all opponents, add some Silvintri Longbow/Ring of Flight. If you want to take Icebow Archers, make sure you can boost their attack, so they can hit non-infantry with Block as well.
Why add Disease?
1) It also removes 1 attack (together with 1 health)
2) It kills most mages in 1 hit, most sappers don't
3) They have to worry less about Flaming, Retaliate and Death Aura

- Making the enemy miss: Death Aura
Because DA triggers when your card hits or gets hit, it can affect flyers as well. It will make your opponent miss 50% of his attacks (no effect on specials though)

- Harass + Sabotage: If his cards never make it to the field, they can't hurt you Wink

Any of these options will allow you to kill your opponents' cards while they are unable to fight back decently. Combined they can lead to wonderful situations, but I leave it to you to discover those ^^


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