For the Extremely New to the Game...

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For the Extremely New to the Game...

Post by Alpha on Wed Jun 17, 2009 4:13 am

Welcome to Warstorm.

Note: Some of the posts here were made before the Rewards update. Thanks. afro

FOR NEW PLAYERS: The game actually has a HELP SECTION.

Level doesn't matter in the game, so please refrain from bragging about beating higher level players or you'll just be scoffed at. Leveling up will give you a Novice pack reward. The level is capped at 19 at the moment.

Finish the missions first before doing Ladder Matches. Each mission will reward you a Novice pack which can be used to buildup your collection and to have more cards to use. Novice set cards are NONTRADABLE.

The game doesn't require you to spend money on it. There are lots of free players in the community. The NOOB staff is composed mostly of free players. There are guides here (i.e. Sebastian Azrael's/Bullpups') on how to obtain CC's and if none works for you (some options are limited depending on what timezone you are in) there are Reward Cards too. Each Ladder Match will give you 50 Reward Points whether you win or not, which is good as winning is not that easy with Novice cards.

How to do Ladder Matches? Above the chatbox is a button that says "Enter." Click on that button and choose the number of squads that you want to battle with then hit "Confirm." If a match is found, you can either view the match by clicking the "View" button or just skip by hitting refresh.

Rating doesn't matter at all unless you're gunning for achievements. The most important mark to reach for new players is 1700 for the Cask of Celebration. Still, it's better to not think of this at first as it gets really frustrating especially if you don't have enough of the good stuff to go up.

Don't beg for free stuff. Most of the players worked really hard for their stuff and paying players too used hard-earned cash to buy their stuff. Begging will just put you on Ignore.

Read the Chat Rules to avoid getting reprimanded or even banned.

Cadfael is a game developer and a chat moderator. He's not "just a guy with a white text," but more like "a policeman minus the donuts and cup of coffee." Unmightythor is also a dev and mod. They're good cops and will fire a warning shot first though before running mad with their ban guns. Azcarna handles support issues. If you're having problems, you can email

To go to the avatar screen, you can either double click on a player's name on chat or type his/her name on the Battles tab. The avatar screen will open up more options like Challenge, Propose Trade, Send Private Message, etc.

There are NO ARTIFACTS or SPELLS in the Novice set. They can only be found in other like the Expert packs. Still, it's not a reason to give up and quit WS. We've seen lots of new players quit because of this. Well, guess what? They're a bunch of imbeciles. Having an artifact or spell does not always guarantee winning. Still, the Cask of Celebration (the second best artifact in the game) can be gotten (for free!) once you reach 1700 rating while there is a Reward spell card, Mobilize which can be purchased for 10,000 reward points, or you can try buying the Expert pack which contains not just artifacts or spells, but other faction cards as well, for 12,500 reward points.

ARTIFACTS and SPELLS require heroes with specific slots on them. The number next to the glowing blue orb (spell slot) and the brown thingy (artifact) tells the number of Spells/Artifacts a hero can carry.

Well, we'll just add more stuff here if there are more questions or clarifications needed.

Welcome to Warstorm and enjoy...

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