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Welcome to NOOB

Post by Alpha on Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:31 am

Welcome to the Newbie-Oriented Online Boards maggot! Have fun! afro

In case you're wondering why HotU is sometimes mentioned and why there are silly dog-puns in some posts, this forum was once known as Hoard of the Underbark (HotU).

The Hoard of the Underbark was formed back in April with only three members - Fujita Aoki, Borsalino Flores, and Omega Sanction (Fujita left the WS scene later on). We got a couple of members in after then. We had up to 40 members then, but most were inactive and we only had a few posts. Actually, the aim of HotU is to host the UnderdogFight!!, a free tourney with prizes aiming to give out slotted heroes, artifacts, spells and other cards inaccessible to a free player. We've seen lots of new players trading out their purple and orange Basic cards for crap and this is just sickening to watch, so with Fujita's insistence, UDF!! was pushed through. Though there were a number of participants at first, most were removed from the list because we want to prioritize those who have only a few non-Basic set cards. The number was reduced to five but only two of them (Hivendo and Viserion) responded and were able to battle, with Hivendo becoming the first and the last UDF!! winner. We greatly appreciate these two players' participation as without them, we would have total failure of tourneys (we consider UDF-I as partial failure). After this, we decided to stop UDF!! entirely and almost closed HotU as we were busy with our personal lives and updating became much of a hassle.

Anansi, one of the staff, had a chat with Zoltar (a thousand, thousand thanks to the self-proclaimed King of Noobs) one time and Zoltar kiddingly mentioned that "The Noobs" would be a good name for a guild. Anansi thought that sounded cool but being an antisocial bastard, just laughed it off but made a mental note of changing HotU to N.O.O.B.'s (Newbie-Oriented Online Buddies), but later thought of changing it to Online Boards as Buddies sounded more guildish and childish.

Anansi "hacked" my admin account, changed the entire forum to his liking, begged the poor N3v3rwint3r and Canduil to join his charade, then sent me an SMS saying that he changed the forum and begged me (the nerves!) to put up a N.O.O.B. header. Because it was too late to change the forum back (and he told me I'm still the boss), I obliged to his antics. Now, we have a handful of staff here and thanks to Canduil, our numbers grew again (we purged most of the inactive members from our list). Now, we are hoping to make a one-stop shop for new players, where they can get infos about WS and be able to enjoy the game.

Special thanks to the Big Guy Upstairs, the Challenge Online Games for WS and for the cool moving banner, Viserion and Hivendo for participating in the failed tourney, the other members for their posts, to Zoltar for the idea, and to Canduil and N3v3rwint3r for obliging to be staff. If your name is not mentioned here, just PM me and I will add it to the list. Special thanks to you too, *insert your name here* for reading this junk.

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