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Just a thought

Post by Phillybear on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:20 am

I think most people are familiar with the Earthworks + healer spam: healers with a huge amount of life constantly healing eachother and the Earthworks. This deck can only win because you have way more units out then the enemy, so you can heal all damage and have some healers attacking his morale. Because that is actually a bit lame (you'll always have a long battle or be crushed in no time) I was thinking of a way to improve it. I don't have the cards to test the deck however, so I can't tell you how many squads would be optimal nor how many of each card you would need in order to have a maximum chance of succes...

Ok, so we'll keep the deck Infantry, to get a maximum bonus from our Earthworks and we'll stick to the original idea of a durable deck that can take huge amounts of damage. For the damage, I was thinking of adding Sunswords, preferably Sunsword Captain: they're 2/5 which means that even without Earthworks, only CHG and Landen Hawkeye can one-shot them. The main reason for taking Sunswords is the Demoralize ability: even when there's a card in front of them, they make your enemy lose morale. As the rest of your deck is filled with Estian Cleric/Aanden Priest and Earthworks, your Sunswords will most likely live for quite a while, resulting in victory. If you want to add spells or artifacts, go for Mobilize, Treasure Chest or Book Of Faces. (I would go for Gwyn Lightbringer with 2x Mobilize)

I don't know if this deck will even work (it does in my head Razz ) so if anyone tries it, please leave some comments about best amount of squads and amount of each card (or about total failure). Ty ^^


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Re: Just a thought

Post by Anansi on Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:45 am

"tech" units like zappers, bolters, blasters, etc are good with this build as they can damage units that get matched up with the 0-attack earthworks (earthworks can sometimes be the deck's weakness especially when it gets matched up with zero/low-attack tech unit like White Dragon or Rebellious Drake).. silvintri loremaster is perfect here, being able to heal damaged earthworks and deal damage to opposing units.. whirlwind units are excellent in this setup too.. the problem is, with this build, you tend to rely mostly on specials and immune units will be a problem since your "normal damage" output is low.. perhaps the best thing to do here is to mix up units with good specials and good damage output like Spearhead units..

another thing that i tried before (pre-Mercs) with this setup is artifact use.. from my experience, the Command artifacts aren't that good as damage becomes too spread out but too low to kill opposing units.. Swords are good but can't deal with flyers so i went with a mix of swords and codexes.. perhaps a sigil of azuba can be excellent here, but i'm not really a fan of that sigil..

actually, i'm using this kind of build for giving away wins for achievements for two reasons: (1) it allows me to see the entirety of the opponent's deck and (2) with only clerics and earthworks in, the deck lacks power to beat the opponent, thus giving away a free win..

if ever you want to try setup, just send me a list and i'll see what i can do.. just check my collection if i have the cards.. i don't mind ratings anyway.. i'll just send over the data to you and perhaps, you can even put it in the Deckonstruction section.. affraid

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