Reward cards

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Reward cards

Post by Hivendo on Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:52 am

How very convenient that this topic just opened, because I was just wandering something Smile.

For now I have bought 1 copy of the t7 reward cards (Eagle, Werewolf and LoS) and a couple of expert packs.
For the moment I'm considering to buy Book of Faces and Mobilize. Hence the question: are they worth 17k rp? Or should I just keep saving for more packs? Or maybe for more t7 cards??

comments plz...

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Re: Reward cards

Post by Anansi on Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:48 am

If you consider yourself a collector, then I think it's ok to buy them.. Still, Mobilize is a good card and is commonly used along with the flying Yauba and summoners.. About the Book of Faces, I have one but I haven't used it, not even once (Actually, I just got it from the Facebook achievement.. They used to reward the Book of Faces.. Now, they're giving away a T4 Eagle).. The Book is not really worth it IMO as there are better artifacts out there to use.. Plus, with the number of decks running Sigil of Azuba, some people are putting artifact destroyers as a counter-measure.. So, between the Book and Mobilize, Mobilize is better, hands down..

Again, if you're a collector, go get them.. But if not, perhaps you should just save up for other stuff.. Still, I think having a Mobilize or two would be handy if ever you'd make a deck that goes well with it..

For me, the best Reward card would be the T7 Lady of Shadows followed by the T7 Giant Eagle (I'm considering buying a third Eagle) as they are the ones that I find really useful..

I hope this helped.. affraid

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