After the Missions...

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After the Missions...

Post by Anansi on Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:53 am

"So, you're done with the Single Player Missions eh? Welcome to Warstorm, commander.."

After countless hours spent in the free missions, the "real" Warstorm life begins - Deck building, ladder matches, achievement grinding, losing a lot, frustration, reward points farming and more deck building..

Of course, there are campaign bundles available with more story-related stuff plus rewards.

To those who have no idea what a campaign bundle is, check this link:

How to choose the right bundle? For starters, the elf bundle is probably the best as it is the cheapest plus the Diadem of Light is just damn good. Choosing the next bundle depends on the buyer's preference. If you can't decide, just look at the Reward Cards for the bundle's achievement. If you think you need a certain Reward card, then go for that bundle. Popular choices are the Undead, for the Lich King's Crown, and the Orc, for the Conqueror's Axe. The Merc bundle is also gaining popularity as it gives away Merc expansion packs plus the Flame Sigil, which is almost similar to an Orc Matimilo-dragon.

If you decided not to go with the bundles (still I would insist on getting the elf one if you're really into the game as $5 is not that much. Just think of it as a donation), it's time to start farming Reward Points. There are lots of ways to get Reward Points but the most popular way is Ladder Match. You get 50 RPs for every match, whether you win or lose. You'll be using cards mostly from the Novice set if you're a FreeP (free player), so this can be pretty bloody as there is a chance that you'll be facing paying players with good cards. Don't get frustrated if you keep on losing as ratings and rankings don't really matter at this point, unless you're crazily gunning for Achievements. Still, it's best to focus on getting RPs first.

Check to get a glimpse of the Reward cards/packs.

On spending RPs.. You can either spend RPs on Expert packs or individual cards. It's really up to you if want to go with indys or experts (but never, ever buy Novice packs). If you want to build up your elf/human squads and grind for achievements go with the indys, but if you want to have other faction cards and spells, go with the Expert packs. If you are extremely lucky, you can even get T6 or T7 cards from the Experts which can sell for CCs in the Auction House. This will enable you to purchase or trade for better cards which would make it easier to go to the 1700s.

How can you beef up your squads? Start off with the Facebook achievements as they are the easiest to get. The Giant Eagle and the Werewolf achievement cards are good, especially for FreeP's.

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR NEW PLAYERS: Having SPELLS and ARTIFACTS in your deck doesn't always guarantee winning.

The first important rating mark would be 1700* for the Cask of Celebration (perhaps the 2nd best artifact in the game). The next hurdle after this is getting a hero with a slot for the cask. If you have 8000 RPs, you can get the T4 Lady of Shadows or you can try trading for one in the Marketplace.

*Author's note: At the moment, I am planning to make and test some squads for the 1700 rating mark using cards from the Novice set plus other easy-to-get cards. I will be putting this in the Deckonstruction section if I'm done. For now, if you want some deckbuilding tips, check out the Eastern Winter section of this forum for N3v3rwint3r's advice or find Canduil (this guy is good with cheap stuff).

Other notable achievement cards are the Aanden Stalwart for 150 wins with two/three squads, the Harkaanite Husky for 150 wins with one squad, and the Sword of Prowess for winning 300 challenges. The stalwarts and huskies are fine additions too for human/elf specialists.

Even the fiercest of all Warlords needs someone to talk to and that's the reason why there's a chatbox. Of course, the game won't be fun at all if there's no chat as there is no in-combat interaction occuring between players. Lots of things can be learned from chat and there are friendly people too who are willing to answer questions too. Just remember the chat rules ( ) to avoid getting reprimanded or worse, banned.

To sum this up, these are the things that you can do after the SPC's:
- Purchase campaigns for more missions.
- Farmi Reward Points.
- Grind for Achievements.
- Chat!

BTW, to those who are grinding for achievements, you might want to visit this thread:

Thanks for your time and see ya in WS.. affraid


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