Padawan's Piggy-Bank Training

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Padawan's Piggy-Bank Training

Post by bullpups on Tue May 12, 2009 2:24 am

Save for the rainy days…coz it will be raining dogs and a lot of dogs

<Chat room scenario in the Marketplace>

High Orc: Selling T5 Silvintri Loremaster for 5CC, send trade proposals
Freshman: what are CCs high orc?
theKink: buying T6 Blademaster Wilaren > 80coppers > send trade
High Orc: They are challenge coins freshy. It’s the “money” we use here.
Freshman: how can I get some?
Beep896: T7 Sunsword Captain in AH for 55CC BIN.. 12h left
EchyMO: u can get it by playing BBB or using the trial pay thingy
High Orc: or you could purchase CCs by cash .Just check the Currency tab
Freshman: BBB? trial pay? what is that? Help Me
El Terrible: Ahh! Caramba! You make me loco señor freshman..You ask many questions
Freshman: sorry sir el terrible, i’m just new here
El Terrible: I’ll send u a trade theKink
High Orc: Just click the Help tab freshy, it might help you find the answers
Freshman: ohh i see.. there are many ways i could get those precious CCs.. i hope i could get it through. thanks guys
*Freshman still wonders


<The characters used in the scenario are fictitious in nature and the NOOB staff is not responsible for the similar names that are in use in the Warstorm community.>

This is a typical everyday chat room conversation in the Marketplace, wherein a hapless padawan tries to get some milk suckling from the reaping of the pack. Freshman, for example, asks tons of questions from other players where he can avail and how he can get his hands on those PRECIOUS CCs that they are talking about. Free players and newcomers alike are bewildered with the terms used in chat and the high-tier cards they see in the Auction House. They are so excited to have a piece of meat that they elbow-grind with other players when buying/selling cards and purchasing packs/boxes in the Market.

Well here are some Fish N' Chips for newcomers and free players, so that YOU can get your spade and start shoveling for Challenge Coins.

Baseball Boss is a free online game created by Challenge Games, wherein you collect and play virtual baseball cards to construct teams to battle it out amongst NPCs (historical teams) and other players online in various game types.

First things first! You MUST read the HELP Menu in order to know the basics on how to play and handle the game play of BBB. Then register in order for you to… Play Ball!

In this Chow, I’ll discuss the ways and means to earn CCs without spending real cold cash.

Head Start
Currency: 3000 tix per CC (check the Market tab – Currency Exchange)
Tix means Tickets, this is the “money” used in BBB. This is the bone you want to get dirty with. There are many ways to farm and dig up for those tix so it could pile up in front of your tent.

Finishing all the FREE Milestones on BBB will give you roughly around 5500 tickets. You will also get two National packs from this. Check your Milestones tab to monitor progress. Each milestone has a description and explanation on how to achieve it.

Tips and Tricks:
1. When editing your team roster, try to mix and match your cards to come up with a suitable lineup that has equal stats on HIT, PIT and DEF. You will get the hang of this when the game runs. When you open your two free National packs and get some tiered up cards, you can now decide if you want to focus on the strengths of your roster in order for you to finish the milestones and grind with the Historicals, which will be discussed later.

2. In the “Bid A Card in the Auction House” milestone, bid on a card with the lowest tix, preferably less than 3 tix only, for you to gain the 50 tix price and if you are lucky, you can win that card and earn 100 tix more for the “Win a Card in the Auction House” milestone.

3. On the “Sweep Challenge” milestones, challenge the MLB Practice Squad. Hopefully, you can achieve this (even if they have low stats) coz it’s quite hard to sweep them, believe me.

4. NEVER spend your tickets in buying a 2000 tix worth of National card pack in order to achieve the “Buy a National pack” milestone. Why? Because it’s pitBULL! You’ll trade off 2000 tix to earn 100 tix price and the mere fact that you are uncertain on what’s inside of the pack; it will be a total loss if you get crappy cards.

After finishing the free Milestones (plus a few historical grindings), you could now earn the mouth-watering 2CC you desire.

The main objective of this Chow is to challenge, as much as possible, ALL of the Historical Teams. You can battle these veteran ball clubs by clicking the Ballpark, and then under the Team and Owner Directory tab, click the Historical Teams. This ticket-digging method gives you a stable amount in your piggy bank. Just be diligent enough in giving time and challenging the historicals. In a jiffy, you will notice that tickets are piling up in your door steps.

Tips and Tricks:
1. Make a good team out of your card pool and name it. (e.g. Roster size: 20/25. Configure your team > name: bullpups1)

2. After you made your team, challenge all the historicals TWICE. One may ask, why only twice? This is because if you exceed more than twice, the effect is that, first, the tickets you’ll be getting is fewer compared to the two challenges per team. Second, the cards will be degrading a little faster and you'll have to spend a handful of tix just for the repairs. (Try to experiment on this trick and you’ll see what we mean).

3. Before finishing all the batting and pitching with the veterans, you MUST remember that there is a 100 CHALLENGEs LIMIT. This means that team bullpups1 can only handle a total of 100 matches from the historicals and other players online. So, how can you grind up for more tix? This is the time for some minor investments. You can search the AH for low-cost cards to make other teams to challenge the Historicals. Having lots of team to battle the Historicals with can also reduce the number of times you have to challenge them unless you're really one helluva greedy punk.

Now you can continue and dig up for more precious tickets and be sure to monitor your pace and to keep track on the historicals you battle because battling 67 historical teams twice is quite tricky and will require lots of clicking.

Remember the two free National packs you earned from completing the free Milestones? Well after opening those packs, you saw that you got one T5 card (Boy you are so lucky!) and being the excited new kid that you are, threw it in your team for whooping the Milestones and some historical grindings.

Then, you wondered, how can I boost my ticket earnings with the use of my T5 card?

If you are not really “in” to BBB in collecting cards and buffing up your team roster and the only purpose of playing and consuming your time in this online game is to earn free CCs because you are a free player, then the answer to your question is, put your prized T5 card in the Auction House (AH)!!!

The reason is that, you don’t have to build a tiered up team just to grind with the historicals. You only need a good team to battle them. Therefore, you can sell the T5 card in AH. Based on the trend of T5 cards in the AH, its price is pretty good depending on the card. For example, you own..
T5 1957 National #1 Hank Aaron
Minimum bid: 6600tix
Buy It Now: 6600tix

When this card is sold, you can exchange the tickets earned for 2CCs. That's a simple way to earn easy and fast CC just for one T5 card. You can also up the selling price of your card depending on the demand and trend in the AH and online players in chat.

“The Hapless Padawan is quite hapless no more coz he already knew some free ways to farm CCs (thanks to BBB). Then the brave newb felt something fizzy and tries to join the 1CC tourneys. The lucky mutt ended up in round 3 and got one dragon pack. When he opened the pack he got quite a treasure in that chest, but unfortunately the factions he got doesn’t fit the basic elf and human cards he currently own. The wise padawan decided to go to the Marketplace and sell those prized cards to other players and/or in AH.”

Tips and Tricks:
1. You can join the 1CC tourneys (regardless of the decent basics you own) if and only if, you are sure and have the guts to battle it out amongst other players and hopefully end up at least in round 3 to get a pack. This mode of acquiring CCs is a gamble on the part of the underdog, but it’s quite a challenge and hope that lady luck may always be on the hound’s side.

2. If the underdog doesn’t engage in tourneys, he can also farm (as in FARM) and produce a decent amount of CCs to buy a solo dragon pack and hope he could get prized cards in order for him to cycle out the cards and convert it to CCs through the Marketplace.

3. Another way is to “Buy Cheap – Sell High” card method. This is like you, being a wise and witty merchant, find good deals and invest for better cards to sell, for a higher price. Of course you need the capital in order for you to buy cards (thanks again BBB). The strategy in here is to make good trades to have regular customers and you must also consider the trends and needs of cards in the Warstorm community.

“Now the padawan smells blood in the chat rooms. The hyped maggot saw an invite saying, “We are holding a free tourney.. giving away prizes like squads and even CCs.. check our site at…” Without hesitation, the hungry mutt bites the opportunity, signs up for that free tourney, and prepares for battle.”

Nowadays, there are many invites in the chat room holding free and paid tourneys. You can grab the opportunity and hopefully win those tourneys and get the prize. If you get decent cards from the contest, and felt that you don’t need the cards yet, you can follow the suggestions written above in selling the cards and gaining CCs, and eventually buy the cards you really need. And if you earn good sweet CCs from the tourney, just follow what your underdog instinct dictates.

TRIAL PAY AND PEANUT LABS (in selected countries)
Well this mode of earning CCs is still new (to us). We researched about this and all we can say is follow the steps and instructions stated on the tabs and menus.

A hint on the Trial Pay mode is to choose the “Lowest Quote” option, as a popular and easy choice. You must have a credit card to accomplish these options to get the free CCs.

On the Peanut Labs mode, one must have a decent anti-virus application installed in your PC, coz the manner of these options is to download lots of stuff based on your selection. So always be safe than sorry. This mode also needs a credit card to finish the transaction.

*Trial Pay and Peanut Labs are all FREE modes of gaining Challenge Coin/s.

If you can’t wait to get a bite on those Challenge Coins and you have the “real” resources to buy them, then by all means, go ahead and purchase them. Just follow the steps in completing the

Now, the (not-so-)hapless padawan is versed in the art of ball-chasing and Historical Hounding in Baseball Boss, barking out marketing strategies in order to put his own cards into fine use, and crashing Frat parties, contests and Peanut Labs. He can utilize these fun, free modes of getting fish n' chips, enabling him to shake his booty a little longer if he chooses to. But he can choose to hype things up by rummaging through his purse and coughing up good ol' fashioned ca$h.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the UnderDog would stop finding ways to dig for more (and much more) fish n' chips. If you have found other alternatives to heap up the newbie platter, don’t be shy to bark it out and share them to your fellow hungry mutts here in NOOB.

Time to pick that coin bucket and plated shovel up and get your hands dirty to bring those Challenge Coins to your maggot lair...

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Re: Padawan's Piggy-Bank Training

Post by chengo on Fri May 22, 2009 9:16 pm

Thank You .. im Ney In The Game .. And i Got Alot Of Exp from Your Nice Topic farao


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Re: Padawan's Piggy-Bank Training

Post by bullpups on Tue May 26, 2009 12:08 pm

Thank you for the comment chengo Smile It's our pleasure to help you in the game.. Have fun and enjoy! farao

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Re: Padawan's Piggy-Bank Training

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