Dealing with Crazy Trades

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Dealing with Crazy Trades

Post by Anansi on Tue May 05, 2009 12:25 pm

swimming with sharks

SimpleSimon is just an average game-loving guy. He has played lots of games yet never made it to the top. Still, on every game that he played, he had above-average accounts, even owning some in-game items that would make top players drool. He tried Warstorm and immediately fell in love with the game. He finished all the Single Player Missions in half a day and owned some decent cards. At that very moment, he knew he found his his one true love. He imagined himself joining the ranks of the gods themselves, seeing his name immortalized with the likes of Shiaar, Mastermind, and Kraxis. Everything went perfectly well... Until he sold his prized cards - 2 Silvintri Loremaster, 2 Aanden Silverback and Estian Cleric... All for 93 coppers.

He knew he was ripped off, yet his dauntless spirit lingered. He must continue, he reminded himself. One time, he read about the Standard Basic Set Only Tourney where he thought everyone had an equal footing. This is his chance. With a smile on his face, he sold his Aanden Moon Druid for 20 coppers and joined the tourney.

He never made it to the second round.

With all his efforts crushed, he decided to quit and pursued Spider Solitaire instead.

This is just a typical story that happens everyday in the Warstorm community that could be easily avoided. If only SimpleSimon asked, he could have gotten enough information about his cards. Of course, you can also hide in the shadows if you hate strangers that much, but trading and player interaction is is a big part of online gaming and in Warstorm, it's impossible to reach the top of the ladder if you won't be doing some trading.

Unfortunately, like other online games, sharks do exist in Warstorm and if you have no idea how to swim with them, then your happy days of Warstorm can easily end with one transaction. So, how can we deal with such people? Here are some tips:

Be vigilant. Before accepting any offers, check the transaction box first. Check your opponent's cards, tiers and the coins and coppers boxes.

Check prices. This can be done in a number of ways. You can: (1) Ask other players for prices. The Warstorm community has lots of people who can help with prices. (2) Check the Auction House. You can have a good idea of how much a card is in the Auction House. Although some are overpriced, you can get a rough approximation on how much a card of yours would be. Also, you can check out a card's graph of market activity and it will give you an idea on how much a card is. (3) Check some sites/forums for card prices. There are some WS fansites or even forums that has listing of card prices. Though some can be outdated, they can be used as good references.

Use the Propose Counter button. The propose counter button is there for a reason. Use it until you think the transaction is evened out. If you think that your card is worth something, then stand up for it. Never accept something less than your card's value unless you need that card badly.

Well, this pretty much sums it up. I hope this info would lessen the number of Simple Simon's Spider Solitaire Squad. affraid


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