Useless pigs?

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Useless pigs?

Post by Phillybear on Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:26 pm

How to get these things working? You have no starting damage, so you'll have to find a way to add some damage to get your pigs going.

1) Artifacts with Attack +X
You got a nice choice in artifacts that boost the attack of your pig, but if you go for a full pigdeck, you'll have more pigs than artifacts. So not all of your pigs will be able to attack.

2) Flying pigs
41. When Pigs Fly -- When a Warpig unit is flying, it gains +2 Attack while attacking. Ph33r our warpigz!
Ring Of Flight will make the warpig do 2 extra damage each attack, but is also limited to 1 pig. Another option here is to use Levitate. It will give all pigs flying until the end of your turn: all pigs that have a card in front of them will activate their frenzy.

3) Command
Yauba Ascendant has Command All 1, but he can't be used in a full pigdeck and he is way too slow. So we'll choose Command artifacts instead: we have Book Of Faces, Treasure Chest and Scepter Of Command. Book Of Faces is the slowest, so we won't use that. Treasure Chest will give all pigs +1, but not to the pig that is in first place. Scepter Of Command gives +1 to the unit that gets it and +1 to all units of the same type. Because of the low ready time of pigs, chances are very high that the first card is a pig. So it will have the same effect as Treasure Chest, apart from giving your first card +1 as well, and not boosting your hero.

4) Whip
Warpigs are beasts, so Whip can give them their first attack point and get them started. This has a bit of a downside: you could whip your pigs to death. There are no Whip-artifacts and the only Whip-spell is orcish, so you can't use Whip in a full pigdeck either

5) Attack boosting spells
Champion will give 2 units +3 attack for 1 turn. If it boosts 2 pigs that have no card in front of them, no pig will get extra attack thanks to frenzy. Mobilize will give all your pigs 1 permanent attack, but it is too slow. Other options are Bloodlust and Madness, both orcish, but Bloodlust is too slow as well. In other words, using attack boosting spells is certainly not the best option.

The best option?
T7 Archaeologist Arugi
4x T5 Warpig
1x T6 Ring Of Flight
1x T7 Treasure Chest/Scepter Of Command


T6 Lord General Pozak (core)/T7 Pozak At Bay
5x T5 Warpig
1x T7 Treasure Chest/Scepter Of Command


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