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Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

Post by Phillybear on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:17 pm

What is spam: canned ham... using one/two cards/abilities as much as you can in your deck.

Most common types of spam and what to do against them:
- Giant Eagle spam. Usually found in 1s/2s with Knightcaptain Alric as hero to stomp some archers. Counter them with archers (Venombow or any 2/4 archer). If you have Aradaan Silverhair, use him with Marksman: the archers will kill an Eagle in 1 hit. Chainzap + Rush is also a nice way to kill the spam. (This can be used against most spams, so I'll only name it once)
- Cultist spam. There are 3 types of cultist spam: they use the t5 version of the card, which has 0 ready.
a) Cultist of Kulnar (2/1 retaliate 2). Mostly played with Pozak. It is very easy to stop: Silvintri Defender/Estian Footmen(2 ready) can take out 1-2 cultists each. Combine them with Blast and laugh at your enemy who has spent many CCs on gathering his T5s. Engorged Imps are also fun to use against them (until Pozak comes out to play)
b) Cultist of Aradaan (2/2 Archery). They can be played with Aradaan Silverhair and Treehold, thus boosting attack and defense. Aanglor Rider takes out 2-3 cultists each. Things might get tougher when he uses Treehold and Aradaan Silverhair, so put some Aanglor knights in as well.
c) Baanur Cultist (2/2 Death Aura) less common, but just as annoying. Every unit that came in touch with a cultist will have 50% chance to miss. Use the 2/3 units with 4 ready time (or Forest Crawler) and some Blast units to finish them off
- Harass spam. A deck filled with T6 Estain Saboteur (2 ready 1/3). They keep all your units in the staging area while slowly taking down your morale. To kill them you have to get units out before them or use units/spells with 0 ready time.
- Immune spam. Immune units with artifacts to heal them. Your only options are to keep them in the staging area (or kill them there) or to do more damage than they can heal. You could also try rushing units out so that you can directly attack his morale.
- Cataspam. Probably the spam that has been cursed about most. This deck uses a lot of Animated units, combined with several copies of the spell Cataclysm (possibly with Recycle/Reclaim). Use Immunes to avoid getting killed by Cataclysm. You can also try to remove Cataclysm before it his the field by using Sabotage. Cataclysm is a card with high ready, so it has a lot of chance to get hit by Sabotage. Harass can save your butt as well.

The bad part of spam decks is that a counter deck usually only works against that specific spamdeck, not against most 'normal' decks. Therefor you will have to find a way for yourself to be prepared for spam without lowering the capability of your deck. The good part of spam decks is that they usually don't get into higher ratings (apart from Estian Saboteurs then) so when you reach higher ratings, you will no longer have to worry about them Smile

Some spam decks that became less common after novice came:
basic Estian Skullcrusher spam (2 2/2 Retaliate 1) and Silvintri Loremaster spam (8/6 0/3 heal 1 zap 2)


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