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Faction decks

Post by Phillybear on Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:17 pm

For your achievements you'll have to fight with decks made entirely of 1 faction. Knowing the ups and downs of each faction can help you when building a deck/searching the auction for cards. I'll also add some specials you find mostly in that faction.

Demons are an all-round faction: they have some tough warriors as well as a bunch of units relying on their specials.
Upside: they don't have Infantry, Cavalry or Archers. The only way to do double damage to them is Archery vs a flyer or with Demon Hunter
Downside: Demons have no units that can heal other units (at least not in a complete Demon deck)
Specials: Flaming, Firebreath, Firebolt and Ice Armor
Dealing with downsides:
- Use enough mages + Rush. The mages can help taking the enemy down and preventing more damage to your cards
- Ice armor and Immune will limit the damage you take
- Cards with Drainbolt have the potential of surviving long time and taking many enemies down with them
- Artifacts can make up for the lack of healers
- Command and Protect can turn seemingly weak cards into great fighters

The elves are mostly used for their archers
Upside: They have a lot of archers. Archers are very useful for the moment: they do double damage to both Infantry and Flying
Downside: Elves have only one flying unit and a lot of elves start with low attack
Specials: Archery, Poison, Regenerate
Dealing with downsides:
- Archers do double damage to 2 types of cards, so they're worth more than their damage would show
- Again: use Command and Protect
- Use Regenerate units as tanks and Poison for extra damage (preferably units with more than 1 attack, so they won't get stopped by Block)

Humans are a race of defensive warriors. They're also the masters of Cavalry
Upside: Their specials make them prevent damage, while dealing extra damage to their attackers
Downside: Humans have no units with Archery
Specials: Block, Retaliate, Trample
Dealing with downsides:
- To hit Flying units you have to rely on mages, your own Flying units, units with Retaliate or Whirlwind
- You can also use Archers from the Neutral faction

The Undead know all secrets of life, death and unlife. These guys will die, stand up again and fight on.
Upside: A lot of units have the ability to return to the staging area after they die
Downside: Undead have no Rush units
Specials: Animated, Disease, Drain, Drainbolt
Dealing with downsides:
- It will take time to get your strongest units out, so you'll need some faster tanks to take the early damage. It's best that you use fast units with Animated for this.
- Battle Preparation is a good spell to get your units out faster, but it's wasted if it shos up at the wrong time
- Something that is looked down upon by a lot of players: Cataclysm + Animated units with a low ready time. This is purely based on the hope your cards will return.
- Harrassing his cards wan give you the extra time you need to get your cards out

Orcs are a smelly race of born fighters. They are almost entirely Infantry
Upside: Orcs are fast and strong. A deadly combo
Downside: No Flying units, very few mages. Very much Infantry, while Archery is played a lot
Specials: Explode, Berserk, Rush
Dealing with downsides:
- Orcs have the deadliest archer: Captured Hill Giant.
- To bring down Flying units, you can also use Vistav Shaman: their special permenantly removes Flying from a card.
- Explode can be used as substitute for magic attacks


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