So you want to build a deck?

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So you want to build a deck?

Post by Phillybear on Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:34 pm

You win and lose battles in your squad manager, so when you make a deck you'll have some things to pay attention to...
1) Themed decks vs. all-round decks
- Themed decks are based upon one or two combos and can result in high attack, defense and speed. Sounds pretty awesome, but these decks usually have one really big it can be destroyed with ease by some decks.
- All-round decks contain something against most types of units, but they usually can't reach the attack and defense of themed decks. It has many small weaknesses, so the threat they are for your deck is lower. On the other hand, you don't have 1 big strength either, meaning you're also a smaller threat to them.

2) Speed
- Strong cards usually have more ready time than the weaker cards, so when making your deck you'll have to find a nice ratio for fast and slow cards. Using too many fast, weak cards means you'll do some early damage and then will lose your cards at a fast rate. Too many slow, strong cards will make you lose too much morale before they come out.
- The higher tier of a card has less ready time, so if you have the higher tier, use it. However, don't just use a card because it is a high tier, use the card because you need it in your deck.
- Rush your units out. This way you can get stronger cards on the field faster.

3) Specials
- When you select the cards you put in your deck, make sure they can fully function in it (e.g. don't use Heal 2 units in a deck filled with cards that have 1 or 2 health)
- Look for specials that go together well or have a devastating effect. (Attack boosting combos and How not to get hit)
- Don't fully rely on your specials: always keep in mind the enemy can use Immune units, so just put enough raw damage in your deck as well.

4) Damage and defense
- Damage is the key to winning: either by killing all his cards or by bringing his morale to 0.
- Defense is the key to not losing: keeping your cards alive and your morale up.
- (see both links placed in 3.)

5) Squad amount
- Find the best amounts of squads for your deck. Using not enough squads can mean that your deck won't reach its full potential. Using too many squads will lower the effectiveness of your deck.
- Less cards to pull from = less chance to get a bad pull

6) Battle experience
- Test your deck and watch the battles. Most of the time you will find things that have to be improved. If you lose, find out why and try to avoid losing because of the same reason again.
- If an enemy defeats you with a completely overpowering deck, don't just make a duplicate of his deck, but try to discover why his deck is so powerful.


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