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Post by Phillybear on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:30 pm

I'm not playing WS as long as the rest of the staff, but I think I'm doing allright Razz My WS name is also Phillybear, you can usually find me in battlegrounds chat.

Most of my topics will be about deckbuilding. I like deckbuilding and I'm changing my squads most of the time trying to tweak them to perfection (and often completely screwing them up while trying). I won't give you many premade decks though. Why not? First of all, I don't have enough cards to make decent decks you would want to follow Razz. Secondly, I think everyone should make his own deck up: it's the only part of tactics you get in this game, so there is no point in just using the deck of someone else...Therefor I will mostly point out the usefulness of some cards/specials, give some hints you may have discovered by yourself already.

So for little tips, go to The Bear Cave Wink


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